About Us

Back in late 2011, after an all time season in New Zealand, the idea for Boardinary was created, predominately down to the need for an online space to document both my own experiences, but favourite edits, photos and just passion for snowboarding in general. Id seen a lot of people within the snowboard industry already create blogs to showcase how good they were, what amazing times they’d had on seasons and what not, but I really didn’t want to put my own name above the door so to speak. Mainly because I felt Im not good enough to promote myself, and thats only something the pros do, but the name Boardinary literally just came to me out of nowhere and it all kicked off!

As time went on, the blog grew in size and all I was doing was sharing videos and photos. If I thought something was cool, id share it. All my friends said they loved to spend hours on here just scrolling through and watching as many edits as possible. Starting out as just a small google ran blogspot, moving to a full purpose built website within 3 years was great, and with an average readership of 15,000 people per month it was only right to change and evolve.

After spending a number of years working in the snowboard industry itself, I knew that it was only right for Boardinary to become a store. The magazine idea got thrown around a little bit but after having no experience whatsoever in print and media, then the reality of doing this was slim. Having an online store was actually something id wanted to do since university so it only made sense.

Finally, the doors to our online retail world opened in late 2014, after a major reshape of the website it self, but still keeping the bread and butter of Boardinary which is the blog. Throughout my 10 years in snowboarding I’ve gained so many other interests and passions, which if incorporated right into our website, would give customers a unique online experience.

Therefore our mission at Boardinary, is to support a unique outdoor lifestyle fuelled by adventure. Whether thats snowboarding, skateboarding, camping or more, our carefully curated mix of brands give you the options you need to gear up and get out there!